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    Homeowner's and Renter's Insurance

    For most people, the home they live in and the things that occupy it are their most valuable assets. And just like any valuable asset, protecting it from harm or destruction is important, because r...

  • Taylor created an article,

    Disability Insurance

    Just like life insurance, disability insurance is meant to protect your income from negative, unforeseen circumstances. Just think, what would happen to you, your spouse, your children, or anyone w...

  • Taylor created an article,

    Life Insurance

    If you have a spouse, children, or anyone who depends on your income, protecting that income and by extension their wellbeing becomes a top priority. Generally, there are two scenarios that you’ll ...

  • Taylor created an article,

    How to prepare for a recession

    The most important takeaway is that you prepare for a recession just like you prepare your finances at any time: build a solid foundation, invest appropriately for your goals, and stay on plan. Fir...

  • Taylor created an article,

    When should you invest?

    If you’ve ever jumped into the world of personal finance blogs, you’re going to run across this phrase: “It’s all about time in the market, not timing the market.” Let’s break that down, because it...

  • Taylor created an article,

    How to build and stick to a savings plan

    Understanding how you’ll achieve your financial goals starts with understanding where you are now. Even for high earners and especially for those focused on achieving financial independence quickly...

  • Taylor created an article,

    How to tackle debt

    There are two primary ways to tackle debt: from highest to lowest balance or from highest to lowest interest rate. These are better known as the “snowball” and “avalanche” methods. Either one will ...

  • Taylor created an article,

    Should you pay off all of your debt?

    Maybe. A good way to think about debt repayment is to think of the interest rate on your debt as the amount of guaranteed return on your money should you make a payment on the principal. Here’s an ...

  • Taylor created an article,

    How to save money

    Saving money comes down to two variables: how much you earn and how much you spend. To save more money, you either need to increase your earnings or reduce your spending. Easier said than done thou...

  • Taylor created an article,

    How to optimize your savings

    Should you save for retirement or pay off your student loans? Open a 529 plan or save for a house? You’ve probably asked yourself any number of similar questions before, and the answers aren’t alwa...